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Companies have never been more distributed, with offices and teams spread across the country and the globe. Virtual Work Insider personally coaches teams, executives and companies to thrive across any distance. As the first to establish virtual business driving practices within one of the most respected Fortune 500 companies — we provide the skills and tools to lead, influence and strengthen ties with geographically distributed teams, clients and direct reports. Our 18 years of experience within client-side companies, advertising agencies, and managing external partners, is incomparable. See more…

Portrait of Sacha Connor wearing blue sweater

“I saw first-hand that geographically distributed companies were struggling to achieve business growth and inclusion, so I designed a new way to fully drive results and integrate employees.”

Sacha Connor, Founder and Lead Consultant

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of professionals work remotely at least once a week

productivity improvement of distributed teams with the right process and tools.
McKinsey & Company

A New Kind of Modern Leadership is Required

Leaders and Teams Need the Skills to be Effective and Efficient Virtually.

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Virtual Work Leadership Training

We specialize in personalized group, or one-to-one, coaching programs to develop the skills to lead and influence virtual teams, manage client and agency virtual relationships, and coach remote direct reports.

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Virtual Employee Resource Group

We’ll personally help you create, lead and establish a Virtual Workforce ERG to increase effectiveness and inclusion within your distributed company, coordinating and concentrating the efforts of your D&I, HR, IT, Real Estate and Business strategies.

“Sacha was a pioneer of remote work at Clorox; she successfully led a marketing organization and participated on the homecare leadership team while working over 3000 miles away for more than 8 years.”

Chris Hyder
Vice President, General Manager

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Virtual Work Insider
Virtual Work Insider4 days ago
Join me on July 30th from 12-1:00pm EST (9-10am PST) as I host my Virtual Voices online speaker series and networking event. My special guest will be Denise Dalicandro, Global Insights Manager for The Clorox Company. Denise will share her personal story about how significantly remote work changed her life. She suffers from social anxiety disorder, which made everyday interactions in the office cause heavy worry, fear, and self-consciousness. Four years ago she was given the opportunity to work fully remotely and it has enabled her to successfully overcome her anxiety and thrive in the workplace.

See the link the comments below to sign up!

Attendees of this session will learn…
• How to become self-aware of anxiety & stress that may be holding you back in the workplace
• Tangible tips to manage day-to-day anxiety through remote work
• Advice for how to prepare for office visits to reduce anxiety & stress
• How to approach your manager about wanting to work remotely

• 30 minutes - Discussion with Denise and live Q&A
• 30 minutes - virtual networking event using the Remo software platform
Virtual Work Insider
Virtual Work Insider2 weeks ago
I disagree with this POV from Suzy Welch. Instead of telling people they can’t be a leader if they aren’t "inside the building", I believe we should teach people the skills to lead, inspire, and build trust across distance - and that is just what I am doing.

In reality it is not that simple to say that to be a leader you must be “inside the building”. This POV ignores the fact that many executive teams (i.e. the top leaders in a company) are no longer co-located all in the same building. And it doesn’t address the many remote-first companies led by remote leaders. It is a requirement in today’s world of work to be able to lead people that aren’t in the same building as you.

I have been a LEADER while working fully remotely. I led a large team responsible for $250M worth of business and sat on the leadership team for $1B business unit within The Clorox Company. My team and I found creative ways to build those layers of trust that Suzy referred to. Yes, it is important to get together physically to help build those relationships, but it doesn’t mean you must be co-located. I also found creative ways to influence the most senior leaders of the company from a distance on an ongoing basis.

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