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Companies have never been more distributed, with offices and teams spread across the country and the globe. Virtual Work Insider personally coaches teams, executives and companies to thrive across any distance. As the first to establish virtual business driving practices within one of the most respected Fortune 500 companies — we provide the skills and tools to lead, influence and strengthen ties with geographically distributed teams, clients and direct reports. Our 18 years of experience within client-side companies, advertising agencies, and managing external partners, is incomparable. See more…

Portrait of Sacha Connor wearing blue sweater

“I saw first-hand that geographically distributed companies were struggling to achieve business growth and inclusion, so I designed a new way to fully drive results and integrate employees.”

Sacha Connor, Founder and Lead Consultant

Virtual Work Matters More Every Day.
Insider Knowledge Makes a Difference Immediately.

of professionals work remotely at least once a week

productivity improvement of distributed teams with the right process and tools.
McKinsey & Company

A New Kind of Modern Leadership is Required

Leaders and Teams Need the Skills to be Effective and Efficient Virtually.

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Virtual Work Leadership Training

We specialize in personalized group, or one-to-one, coaching programs to develop the skills to lead and influence virtual teams, manage client and agency virtual relationships, and coach remote direct reports.

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Virtual Employee Resource Group

We’ll personally help you create, lead and establish a Virtual Workforce ERG to increase effectiveness and inclusion within your distributed company, coordinating and concentrating the efforts of your D&I, HR, IT, Real Estate and Business strategies.

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Opening your eyes is the hardest part — to the fact that the workplace is now virtual, that people are spread across office sites with some fully remote, but mostly, that a perspective change is required to succeed in this new reality.

“Sacha was a pioneer of remote work at Clorox; she successfully led a marketing organization and participated on the homecare leadership team while working over 3000 miles away for more than 8 years.”

Chris Hyder
Vice President, General Manager

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Negotiating Remote

Make the right virtual case with an Insider Strategy.

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Plug us in to run your virtual meetings, brainstorming sessions and conferences.

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Introduce us to your new tech platform, tool or software for remote work—so that we can share it with our clients and our following.

Our experience can help you experience the best possible future for your company.

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Virtual Work Insider
Virtual Work Insider4 days ago
I hope this isn’t an April Fools’ joke! My biggest pet peeve with Microsoft Teams video conferencing has been that you can only see the last 4 people that made noise. This constraint makes it so much harder on the meeting facilitator to enable an inclusive meeting because the rest of the participants fall to the bottom of the screen as initials or a small photo.

MS Teams is finally giving some hope that they may upgrade the software. This is something that’s been in their cue for years, but never prioritized. Maybe the competition from Zoom is finally working in their users’ favor to fix this issue.


#remotework #virtualwork #virtualleadership #microsoft #microsofteams #virtualmeetings
Virtual Work Insider
Virtual Work Insider7 days ago
As the timeline for this remote work situation continues to get extended, many of you have asked how you or your org can work w/ me. My website now has some free resources, and new service offerings for this “Rapid Remote” work. This is not remote work as usual, so I’ve adjusted my services to be relevant for your immediate needs.

Services include:

1) Rapid Remote Leader Preparation Plan: a facilitated session with senior leaders to create virtual leadership principles and communication norms specific to your org, plus help to roll them out

2) Live Webinar Keynote: The Secrets to Successful (& Sudden) Remote Work; a 75-minute customizable presentation + Q&A

3) Virtual Leadership Skill Workshops: discrete 60-90 min sessions on the essential skills like Leading Effective Virtual Meetings & Presentations and Influencing Across Distance

4) Virtual OnCall: on demand coaching for in-the-moment help

Here’s a sample of companies and agencies I have worked with:
Beam Suntory
Sovos Brands
M Booth
Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
Resolution Media

Email me at Sacha@virtualworkinsider.com to learn more about how I can help.

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