Don’t fall into the trap of the dangerous delay mindset, instead move to a transition mindset. With the COVID-19 office shutdowns, we’re all re-learning how to do our daily work – as we juggle work & life like never before.

I’ve noticed a tendency to put off what’s being considered the harder, more collaborative, work until you are back in the office with your team. That can be dangerous since we don’t know how much longer this situation is going to last and some of that work might be mission critical.

Actions to take:

1. Use a transition mindset

Instead, use a transition mindset. Consider what should be transitioned from offline work into online work. It’ll require you to be creative with how you facilitate and how you execute. In my 8 years of leading large, distributed teams I had to learn how to do almost everything across distance – so I know that it is possible.

2. Prioritize

We are all juggling work and life like never before, so it’s more important than ever to prioritize! Delay low priority projects. Help teams focus on what’s most important as they also care for their families. But, ensure you’re delaying because it’s low priority work, not just because it might seem too hard to do it remotely.


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