Agency & Marketer Friends,

While your relationship with each other has actually always had a virtual component to it, the pandemic added another level of physical and relationship distance.  As a remote marketing director for The Clorox Company I worked with at least 7 different agencies across North America at any given time for 8 years.  I’ve learned first-hand what strategies and tactics are critical to building a healthy agency/client relationship across distance.

I partnered with Lisa Colantuono from AAR Partners, an agency search firm with 40 years of experience, to bring you this quick hit 20-minute Mini-Lesson about the “4 must-know skill areas to create a valuable virtual client-agency relationship”.

Mini-Lesson Objectives:

By the end of the session you will…

  • Have awareness of the 4 must-know skill areas to be an effective virtual partner to your clients or to your agencies
  • Understand how Distance Bias and Recency Bias are playing against you
  • Get concrete tips for how to overcome these biases to stay top of mind and have ongoing influence even when you can’t be together in person
  • Learn the foundational building blocks you need to put into place to build culture within your client and multi-agency team
  • Understand why video conferencing should be part of your client/agency operating principles

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