Remote work is hard, and hybrid is even harder.

As some organizations start opening their offices again, many people will undergo yet another transition – working in hybrid teams, with some team members back in the office and others still remote. No matter how much co-location you hope to have in the future, adopting a remote-first mindset will help you design for the portion of your workforce that will not be ‘in the room’, and ultimately ensure more productivity and employee engagement.

Cultivating new skills and tools will be essential for leaders and employees to ensure this transition to hybrid is successful. In this latest podcast with IDEO U, our CEO, Sacha Connor, draws from over a decade of remote & hybrid team leadership experience to share advice to thrive in a hybrid work environment, including:

  1. Why to design for location inclusion using a remote-first mindset
  2. The importance of upskilling your workforce on virtual leadership skills
  3. How to batch non-urgent interruptions to be more productive
  4. The difference between culture building and camaraderie building, and how to take a values-based approach to building culture in hybrid and remote teams

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