Go Async with Video Mail

📣📣 FINALLY – the ability to create async “Video Mail” in Microsoft Teams chat! For years, as part of our hybrid skills workshops, we have been teaching teams how to incorporate Video Mail into their hybrid and remote team communication toolkit since it’s an especially great way to provide info without scheduling yet another meeting.


In many situations using Video Mail can be more effective than written communication because: 

1️⃣ We can talk faster than we can type

2️⃣ We can add so much more context when communicating verbally via video and through screensharing

Video Mail can be a great replacement to live meetings for:

✅ Info that is just an update or FYI

✅ For providing some inspiration or food for thought

✅ For visually describing instructions for a simple task

✅ Or as a recap to a long meeting (who has time to watch an hour-long meeting recording, when they could watch a 5 min video recap of the next steps, decisions, & key discussion points?!).

One big watch-out though…

Don’t re-record multiple times – that will defeat the purpose and take too much time. Yes, the first few times it’s ok as you get used to the tool and get used to being recorded. Start out small by sending a Video Mail to a close colleague or your direct team to try it out and get comfortable.

There are already some fantastic tools for creating Video Mail (Loom, Vidcast, or integrated into Slack – even the free version) but it is now even more convenient for it to be integrated right into Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams Video Clips


1️⃣ Create or go to an existing 1:1 or Group Microsoft Teams Chat.

2️⃣ Click on the camera icon button that is positioned directly next to the send “arrow” button.

3️⃣ A new window will pop open. Hit the red record button.

4️⃣ When finished, hit the red pause button. Choose to review your clip and record it again if needed. Trim the beginning or end of the clip as needed.

5️⃣ Click the send “arrow” button to post the video clip within the chat thread.



✅ Integrated into MS Teams chat → can be sent to 1:1 chats or group chats

✅ Very easy to use



❌ Maximum recording length is 1 minute

❌ Can’t screenshare

❌ Can’t share in MS Teams Channels, only Chat


Calls to Action:

💡Try a Video Clip instead of scheduling an FYI or Update meeting

💡Use a Video Clip to say hello to a colleague you haven’t talked to in a while



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