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Remote work is hard, and hybrid is even harder.

As a result of the pandemic, workers and teams across the globe have experienced the benefits and the pitfalls of working remotely. Whether it’s Distance Bias or Recency Bias, Zoom fatigue, challenges around remote reporting relationships, or building virtual team culture, everyone is facing at least one area where they could use a little support.

And as organizations start opening their offices again, many people will undergo yet another transition – working in hybrid teams, with some team members back in the office and others still remote. With a well-thought-out workforce strategy supported by virtual leadership training and upskilling, leaders can successfully navigate the new world of work. 

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Sacha Connor, the CEO of Virtual Work Insider, has led remote and hybrid teams for more than 10 years.  She has used her experience and best practices to create content and a well-crafted training series to help clients improve how they lead, communicate, collaborate, and drive culture across distance. 

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10 Tips from 10 Years of

Hybrid & Remote Work


This guide covers areas including:

  • The most important (and hardest) skill when leading remote and hybrid teams
  • The role of empathy and vulnerability in virtual work
  • How building virtual team culture is more than just holding Zoom happy hours

Toolkit: Secrets to Successful

Virtual Work


This learning aid reviews key content, including:

  • Understanding Distance Bias & Recency Bias
  • The 4 Must-Know Skill Areas to be a Successful Virtual Leader
  • Balancing Synchronous & Asynchronous Communication
  • A Virtual Leadership Skills Assessment Tool

“Our time with Virtual Work Insider provided extreme value to our team of leaders. They worked closely with our team to understand our culture and identify areas where we needed support on our team to increase our effectiveness as virtual leaders. The delivery of the Virtual Leadership session has a strong impact on our team, and as a result, many of the recommendations have been put into place by our leaders helping us overcome the challenges of our hybrid work environment.” 

Mandy Mcnamar, Engineering Senior Manager