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Build Your Influence and Exposure Across Distance

In the era of distributed work, mastering the art of networking, cultivating meaningful relationships, and learning how to influence across distance have become indispensable skills. The shift away from traditional, in-person interactions necessitates a deliberate and strategic approach to building connections—a skill set paramount in unlocking innovation and fostering career advancement.


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This guide recaps the content covered in the Flex Index blog and more, including:

  • Important unconscious biases to be aware of in a hybrid or remote work environment.
  • What are influence and exposure and why they are important.
  • The new expectation of becoming an Omnimodal Leader, plus a survey to assess yourself and your team across the top critical skills needed.
  • Our 5 step process for creating your Personal Virtual Influence Plan.

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Learn from an Expert

Sacha Connor, the CEO of Virtual Work Insider, has led distributed, hybrid and remote teams for more than 13 years, 8 of which was as a business leader for The Clorox Company. Over the past 5 years, Virtual Work Insider has delivered over 275 skills training workshops, executive team sessions, and speaking engagements about distributed, hybrid and remote work, with clients that span a range of industries, including Toyota, Vanguard, Under Armour, Allstate, Eventbrite, Sephora and Optum Healthcare. 

Learn more about our Invested Leader cohort training program for managers of distributed, hybrid, and remote teams and our other custom training programs.

Virtual Work Insider has been a valuable partner to Toyota Financial Services as we transition 3,400 team members to hybrid work – providing us with thought leadership, analytics, and engaging and impactful live training sessions.


They took a systematic approach by leading a thorough assessment of employee hybrid work mindsets, behaviors, and skills before, during, and after the training program.  Virtual Work Insider developed highly customized virtual instructor-led workshops that focused on three different skill areas.


The three workshops were delivered live via video conferencing to 800 People Leaders that were divided into cohorts of 200 learners.  In the live sessions Virtual Work Insider was able to demystify hybrid leadership concepts through telling stories of real-life situations and providing tools that have very practical application at Toyota.


Our employees are using the skills and tools they were taught – this is impressive because it’s hard to get this level of behavior change.  Also, Virtual Work Insider excels at project management and client service – this was a very complex project and they delivered on every deadline, pushed our thinking, and kept us organized.”

Mariana Zayas, Change Management Consultant, Toyota Financial Services
Howard Forrest, Group Manager Enterprise Transformation, Toyota Financial Services