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Remote work is hard, and hybrid is even harder.

As many people are now celebrating their 1 year “remotiversary”, everyone has experienced the positives of remote work and also the pitfalls. Whether it’s Distance Bias or Recency Bias, Zoom fatigue, or virtual team culture challenges, everyone is facing at least one area where they could use a little support.  And, as some organizations start opening their offices again, many people will undergo yet another transition – working in hybrid teams, with some team members back in the office and others still remote.

Learn from an expert

Sacha Connor, the CEO of Virtual Work Insider, has led remote and hybrid teams for more than 10 years and she’s seen it all. To help support you we’ve compiled three essential resources.

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10 Tips from

10 Years of Hybrid and

Remote Work

This guide covers areas including:

  • The most important (and hardest) skill when leading remote and hybrid teams
  • The role of empathy and vulnerability in virtual work
  • How building virtual team culture is more than just holding Zoom happy hours

Rapid Remote Resources

 This guide provides: 

  • A survey to assess yourself and your team across the top 10 critical skills needed to be a strong virtual leader
  • 3 areas to consider when creating virtual team norms
  • A framework for leading effective and efficient virtual meetings

How to Create Valuable Virtual Client/Agency Relationships

After watching this 30-minute mini-class, you will:

  • Be aware of the 4 must-know skill areas to be an effective virtual partner to your clients or to your agencies
  • Understand how Distance Bias and Recency Bias are playing against you and concrete tips for how to stay top of mind
  • Know the foundational building blocks you need to put into place to build culture within your client/multi-agency team

“Cisco has always had a strong, positive culture. It’s critical that while we are working fully remotely that we continue to build and strengthen that culture.  Virtual Work Insider partnered with us to teach our sales teams the importance of setting the foundations of team culture and actively reinforcing it to ensure engagement, especially as new hires enter the company fully remotely and people rotate to new roles.  By the end of the workshop all participants had created their own culture-building plan to put into action immediately. Every leader in our organization, and beyond, can benefit from Virtual Work Insider’s virtual leadership skills workshops.”

Sharon Martin, Senior Systems Engineering Manager, Cisco