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Connect, Coach, and Create Inclusivity in Distributed, Hybrid and Remote Teams

Leaders have always needed to motivate, inspire, and engage teams to achieve high performance. Now, their efforts are complicated by diminished workforce well-being, the mixture of remote and in-office working styles, and a competitive global talent pool where top talent can choose to work anywhere in the world.

At the same time, organizations are asking more from team leaders. As the workforce becomes more distributed and remote, people managers are the most critical connectors to the workforce. Companies rely on a leader’s strong relationships with their team to help the company adapt to customer needs, drive innovation, deliver efficiencies, enter new markets, and more.

Whether your organization is working entirely from company offices or is fully remote, leaders will need to adapt their leadership mindset, skills, and routines to manage teams that aren’t sitting together. The visual cues and spontaneous moments that presented opportunities to leaders aren’t as plentiful today as they manage teams working in multiple offices, co-working spaces, and at home.

To fully unlock the potential of their employees, organizations need their leaders to make the following shifts in their approach. 

Move from this:
To this:
Gathering insights about team members through observation Gathering insights about team members through inquiry
Seizing informal moments to connect and coachCreating moments to connect and coach
Creating communications to align, direct, and inform Creating thoughtful communications to connect, coach, and create culture
Driving engagement through promotion and compensation Driving engagement through personalization of the work experience
Connecting the team to work Connecting work to the team’s values

Organizations need to invest in developing leaders so they have the tools they need to connect, coach, and create an inclusive culture.

This cohorted training program helps leaders better understand, build, and master the skills needed to thrive alongside their team in this new way of working. The goal is to enhance learner effectiveness in the three C’s of connecting, coaching, and creating an inclusive culture regardless of the physical setting.

Informed by research, built by practitioners

The Invested Leader program guides formal learning and practice of today’s essential leadership capabilities identified and validated by the Conference Board, Professor Dave Ulrich at the University of Michigan Ross School, and the ROI Institute.

The program features a proven approach for guiding successful behavior change, and an award-winning ROI, measured by the ROI Institute.

The program content includes battle-tested tactics for leading across distance designed by Sacha Connor, CEO of Virtual Work Insider. Sacha has a proven track record of leading distributed and hybrid teams while working remotely for 8 years as a business leader at The Clorox Company. And since its inception in late 2018, Virtual Work Insider has provided hundreds of training sessions to thousands of learners, including for clients such as Toyota, Sephora, Under Armour, Vanguard, Allstate, Optum Health and many more.

Program features

The Invested Leader program is a cohort learning program. To enhance engagement, skill adoption, and accountability learners will be placed in cohorts to progress through the program together.

The Invested Leader program consists of three weeks of formal, virtual learning, and three weeks of applied learning where learners use toolkits to practice new behaviors, and then debrief and share success practices in group coaching sessions.

The program was developed by the Udemy Business Leadership Academy in partnership with Virtual Work Insider, the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, and the consulting firm The RBL Group.

Week 1: Connect

  • Understand the new requirements for leaders to connect and build trust with their teams
  • Discover why leaders must personalize work and care for people
  • Enable employees to find meaning by helping them believe, become, and belong
  • Learn techniques for connecting when you aren’t co-located with your direct reports on a daily basis

Week 2: Connect – Application Projects

  • Use a four-step framework to demonstrate empathy
  • Create micro-moments for check-in conversations to develop relationships and build trust
  • Use stay interviews to tailor employee experiences and retain talent 

Week 3: Coach

  • Define and develop skills team members need now and in the future
  • Develop the mindset of a leader coach
  • Use new approaches to establish and manage team accountability in a distributed and virtual environment
  • Learn to check priorities and monitor work overload, especially when you aren’t co-located with your team 

Week 4: Coach – Application Projects

  • Conduct a communication audit to check information flow
  • Create an assignment brief to set accountability
  • Use a stoplight exercise to detect employee burnout 

Week 5: Create an Inclusive Culture

  • Improve workplace communication and reduce meeting fatigue
  • Understand the building blocks of culture and how to connect values to behaviors
  • Deliver a positive employee experience to improve engagement 

Week 6: Create an Inclusive Culture – Application Projects

  • Connect company values to inclusive team behaviors
  • Conduct a calendar cleanse and meeting audit to create inclusive meetings
  • Promote team member belonging using the rose, bud, thorn activity 

Learners will:

  • Discover techniques for coaching and creating accountability in a hybrid or remote work environment
  • Personalize employee work experiences by taking care of an employee as a person
  • Enhance team culture by connecting company values to inclusive behaviors
  • Explore the impacts of a remote or hybrid work environment on employees’ well-being
  • Use strategies such as “stay interviews” to retain top talent
  • Balance asynchronous and synchronous team connections to address location inclusivity

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Sacha Connor
Founder and CEO of Virtual Work Insider

Dave Ulrich
Professor at the Ross School of Business at theUniversity of Michigan and Partner at the RBL Group

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