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What makes for a good virtual work candidate?


It can feel risky for a manager to decide whether or not to grant an employee’s request to work virtually – whether it be a few days a week or permanently.

A question I often get is “What makes for a good virtual work candidate?”.

It’s important to look at the role and the person when evaluating fit for virtual work.

There are 9 personal attributes I consider, which range from prior work performance to a few different personality traits, including EQ and where they are on the Introversion/Extraversion scale. 

When it comes to the role, I find that managers are quick to say that many roles must be done in person when in actuality they can be done virtually as long as there is the right support in place with 1) expectation setting 2) tech tools 3) skills training. 

Not every person and not every role is a fit for virtual work, but as the workforce continues to become more distributed, as technology tools continue to improve, and as employees come to expect even more flexibility, the number of people working virtually will and should increase.  Have a plan in place to support them, and the company, and it will be a win/win for all involved!

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