Personalized Coaching

  • Personalized group or one-on-one coaching sessions to develop the skills to lead virtual teams, influence across distance, and coach remote direct reports.
  • Benefits of the program are: improvement in business results and speed to market,  and increased employee inclusion and engagement.
  • Good candidates for this coaching include: managers, executives, cross functional teams, leadership teams, internal teams with external partners (ex: marketing team with agency partner).
  • Topics include:
    • Leading Successful Virtual Meetings
    • Leading and Influencing Remotely
    • Effectively Managing Remote Direct Reports / Working with a Remote Manager
    • Tech Tool Assessment & Training
    • Remote Work Policy 101
    • Effective Virtual Brainstorming
    • Presenting Remotely
    • Home Office Set Up for Seamless Virtual Work
    • How to Convince your Manager to let you Work from Home
  • Most companies benefit from the development of a 30/60/90 day plan, which includes a pre-assessment (interviewing key stakeholders or conducting a survey), plan development and rollout, then a post-assessment.
  • A la carte menu options are also available.


Services One Pager - Teams and Individuals (pdf)


Company Capability Building Offerings


  • Benefits of a Virtual Workforce ERG include: Improved Business Results,  Influencing the C-Suite about the Future of Work, Enhancing Your IT Strategy, use as a Retention and Recruitment Lever, Building Community & Culture.  Click here for more info.
  • Good candidates for this type of project include mid- to large-sized companies that are distributed across more than one physical office, are fully remote, or are a hybrid.  
  • The Work: Virtual Work Insider will lead the development of a self-sustaining Virtual Workforce Employee Resource Group to help future-proof your company for today's new world of work.  The ERG will be charged with the ongoing mission of enabling your employees and teams to thrive in an increasingly distributed world of work.  The ERG will support an improvement in business results and a positive impact to culture and engagement results through integration with your business units, IT, HR, and Real Estate groups.


  • Good candidates for this type of project include: mid- to large-sized companies that are just starting to let employees work remotely (for engagement or retention reasons), or are starting to outgrow their real estate and need employees to work remotely at least part time. 
  • The Work: Virtual Work Insider will work with your HR team to think through the employee and employer considerations for a remote work policy.



Personalized coaching to convince your manager to let you work from home

 High speed internet, video conferencing, and smartphones have changed the way we do work.  Many people no longer want to waste time commuting to a physical office to have a productive day of work.  

Maybe you are looking for more flexibility to have better work/life integration, or you might want to move for personal reasons, but want to keep the job you love.  Often companies don't have an official remote work policy, so people don’t know how to even approach the subject with their manager.

Virtual Work Insider can work with you to develop a personalized plan to get your manager, and even your manager's manager, to say yes to your work from home request.  And we can help support you in getting off to  strong start with your remote work.

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I would be happy to speak about virtual work and its impact at  your conference, board meeting, town hall, or other event.



Need help leading a virtual brainstorming session, a virtual conference, or virtual meeting?  I can develop a game plan and lead your team through it.



Do you have a great virtual work story to tell?  Does your company offer an awesome product that enables virtual work success?  Let's partner!

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