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Creating a Location-Inclusive Culture

In a hybrid, geographically distribute, or remote team it’s important to consider building a location-inclusive culture – a culture where everyone feels valued regardless of where they live or work. This means helping everyone in your organization feel like they belong and are included regardless of time zone or location. Leaders can accomplish this by creating equal access to information and people, and equal access to development and career growth opportunities across all locations.


Download our Resource Guide: “5 Ways to Create a More Location Inclusive Culture.”

This guide covers the following content:

  • Incorporating Asynchronous Communication
  • Providing Virtual Access to Information
  • Creating Location Inclusive Meetings
  • Reviewing Your People Processes for Distance Bias
  • How to Avoid Becoming an In-Office Magnet

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Learn from an Expert

Sacha Connor, the CEO of Virtual Work Insider, has led hybrid and remote teams for more than 12 years. And over the past almost 5 years, Virtual Work Insider has delivered over 250 skills training workshops, executive team sessions, and speaking engagements about hybrid and remote work, with clients that span a range of industries, including Toyota, Vanguard, Under Armour, Eventbrite, Sephora and Twitter.  

Virtual Work Insider has been a valuable partner to Toyota Financial Services as we transition 3,400 team members to hybrid work – providing us with thought leadership, analytics, and engaging and impactful live training sessions.


They took a systematic approach by leading a thorough assessment of employee hybrid work mindsets, behaviors, and skills before, during, and after the training program.  Virtual Work Insider developed highly customized virtual instructor-led workshops that focused on three different skill areas.


The three workshops were delivered live via video conferencing to 800 People Leaders that were divided into cohorts of 200 learners.  In the live sessions Virtual Work Insider was able to demystify hybrid leadership concepts through telling stories of real-life situations and providing tools that have very practical application at Toyota.


Our employees are using the skills and tools they were taught – this is impressive because it’s hard to get this level of behavior change.  Also, Virtual Work Insider excels at project management and client service – this was a very complex project and they delivered on every deadline, pushed our thinking, and kept us organized.”

Mariana Zayas, Change Management Consultant, Toyota Financial Services
Howard Forrest, Group Manager Enterprise Transformation, Toyota Financial Services


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