Speaking Virtual to Leadership

Realizing That Virtual Is Virtually Everywhere Is Preparing for Business To Flourish.

Overcome the hardest transition point, being a hybrid or geographically distributed organization.

Opening your eyes is the hardest part — to the fact that the workplace is now virtual, that people are spread across office sites with some fully remote, but mostly, that a perspective change is required to succeed in this new reality.

Our Insider speaking approach inspires leaders to re-evaluate their entire organization in a new light, eliminating biases that block growth. Because our years of experience ensure that leaders come away with new skills rooted in tangible solutions, techniques and location diversity mindsets, ones that spark next generation thinking.

Customizable Speaking Topics

In Person or Virtually via Video

Insider Knowledge Inspires Positive Change In Leadership, Inclusion & Every Employee.

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Embrace Modern Leadership

Lead geographically distributed teams, partners and clients to result in improved business, and a culture without distance bias.

  • Learn the surprising impact of virtual and remote work on everyone and every area of the company
  • Take away the four must-know skill sets to be a successful virtual leader
  • Develop concrete strategies to drive results with distributed teams, and engage and utilize the talents of distributed employees


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Empower Location Diversity
& Inclusion

Leverage The Insider’s strategies to create inclusion and belonging regardless of location – the only speaker focusing on location inclusion as a D&I priority.

  • Discover unconscious biases non co-located teams struggle with
  • Take away engagement strategies to promote inclusion and learn why a lack thereof drives away talent and business
  • Learn about Virtual Workforce Employee Resource Groups and how they further leaders’ D&I efforts organization wide
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Strengthen Customer & Client Relationships

Leverage virtual leadership skills to improve client service and hit business and sales goals.

  • Reframe your thinking to realize these relationships are virtual relationships
  • Take away the four must-know skill sets to be a successful virtual partner
  • Develop concrete strategies for how to influence and win client and customer trust, communication and business when you can’t be together in person


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Transition to a Remote Work Culture & Future

Start the mindset of implementation and acceptance and improve culture, engagement, talent, productivity and overall business.

  • Overcome misconceptions and biases about remote work and be educated on the benefits
  • Understand the basic frameworks and skills that need to be put into place for successful implementation
  • Learn the guidelines of selecting great candidates to go remote

Josh Halpern
Chief Sales Officer

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“Sacha is truly an expert in the area of virtual work and did an excellent job educating and engaging with our organization.  Her background and knowledge in the areas of both leading and working in virtual teams is something every company needs to build as a core competency.”

Alex Schuchman
Director Information Security

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Customizable Speaking Formats


Action-motivating speaking with a core theme and large-scale takeaways, including concrete steps for implementation. This is ideal for revelations about virtual work that apply to big organizations and startups alike.


Often the casual, yet conference-capable Q&A style of a panel can open up new ideas and understanding from leadership and employees.


Whether conference style in front of the entire company, or done in a more intimate setting, all will benefit from hands-on practice to develop skills like leading and influencing across distance. Everyone walks away with actionable skills.

Realize that success now requires virtual leadership skills over in-person techniques, and you’ll succeed beyond any geographical, growth or competitive challenge.

Virtual Work Leadership Training

Virtual Employee Resource Group Creation

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One Team. One Future. Never One Place.

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Teach Teams. Create Inclusion. Influence the C-Suite.

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Make the right virtual case with an Insider Strategy.

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