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Great leaders know that they must adapt to achieve in today’s geographically distributed, often completely virtual and hardly in-person world. They must motivate the best and brightest. And they must seamlessly understand, communicate with and orchestrate an entire organization to drive business results, all while considering the dispersed opinions of their managers, partners, agencies and clients.

We were not only some of the pioneers of creating and implementing virtual work principles and systems for leadership, employees, and all external parties to work seamlessly together—we’ve been perfecting our methods for 8 years, and with 18 years of experience spent leading from the inside of each of those places.

Our Insider Objective for Your Team:
  • Strengthen Business Results (Sales, Market Share, Client Scope of Work)
  • Rapid Speed To Market
  • Improved Employee Inclusion and Engagement
  • Higher Success Overall
We Empower:
  • Distributed Teams (Across Multiple Office Locations)
  • Virtual Agency/Partner and Client Relationships
  • Remote Employees
  • Fully Remote Organizations
  • Executives Leading Distributed Teams

Our Curated Plans Follow 3 Core Principles

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We analyze your specific situation through stakeholder interviews and/or surveys.

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Choose personalized training modules from our current options, or we’ll curate new ones.

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Elect a post-assessment that measures improvement and gauges areas that need continued focus.

Our Most Popular Modules

Virtual Leadership Foundations
  • Review key virtual leadership concepts including our Virtual Leadership Success FrameworkTM
  • Learn how to set Virtual Leadership Principles and Communication Norms with your internal team and external partners and clients
Leading Effective Virtual Meetings & Presentations
  • Provides actionable steps for what to do before, during and after virtual meetings and presentations to be more effective, efficient, and inclusive
  • Know what tech tools to use and how to use them to be influential and facilitate effectively
Driving Culture in Distributed Teams
  • Learn how to drive a culture of inclusion, trust, fun, and engagement in geographically distributed teams
  • Create a virtual team culture plan with tactics to put into action that ladder up to the biggest culture needs of your team
Influencing Across Distance
  • Learn how to stay top of mind with internal stakeholders and external clients & customers to ensure you’re leading their thinking and your ideas to have impact, even from a distance
  • Create your own personal virtual influence plan to set into motion
Successful Remote Reporting Relationships
  • Understand the 4 common need areas for a successful and trusting remote reporting relationship to enable strong performance
  • Learn concrete strategies and tactics to improve the flow of information, build trust, and get help and feedback when you need it

In-person techniques are no longer enough. Today’s leaders need an entirely new set of tools, skills and strategies to thrive in a geographically distributed world.

“We needed better methods to ensure that our teams that were spread across 4 office sites and 4 time zones were able to innovate quickly and effectively. Sacha brought concrete plans on how to do this.”

Priscilla Tuan
SVP Marketing and Innovation

“Partnering with Sacha unlocked collaboration, culture and efficiency improvements across our global organization.  Her approachable style, adapting to our culture, and daily demonstration of the principles she teaches made her extremely effective. I would recommend Sacha to anyone and everyone looking to increase their virtual leadership skills and capabilities, at any level in an organization.”

Eric Schuetzler
Vice President – Global R&D

Virtual Employee Resource Group

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Teach Teams. Create Inclusion. Influence the C-Suite.

Speaking Services

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Speaking Virtual to Leadership

Virtual Employee Resource Group

Speaking Services

Laptop screen showing distributed employees linked together

Teach Teams. Create Inclusion. Influence the C-Suite.

Woman working remotely at a laptop in her home office

Speaking Virtual to Leadership

Additional Services

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Negotiating Remote

Make the right virtual case with an Insider Strategy.

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Plug us in to run your virtual meetings, brainstorming sessions and conferences.

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Introduce us to your new tech platform, tool or software for remote work—so that we can share it with our clients and our following.

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