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Portrait of Sacha Connor outside in sunlight

Sacha Connor

Founder & CEO

Years on the Inside:

18 years as a marketer and business leader– agency and client side

13 years fully remote while leading hybrid & remote teams

4+ years teaching thousands of learners hybrid and remote leadership skills

“As the Insider, I know how hard it is to lead across distance. My 18 years of first-hand experience as a marketer, business leader, and innovator within a Fortune 500 company—and 12 years of leading hybrid and remote teams while working remotely—has given me the knowledge to guide with the perspective of all leaders, partners, employees and the business at heart. I’ve put in years of time, energy, passion, and strategic planning into sharing virtual skills that build success stories.”
Sacha Connor, Founder and CEO

Terry Wiener

Team Effectiveness Lead,
Certified Instructor

Years on the Inside:

15+ years as workplace effectiveness thought leader
10 years of leading teams to implement hybrid & remote work
10+ years of consulting and change management experience

Gabriele Amtmann

Private Sector Client Lead,
Certified Instructor

Years on the Inside:

25 years as a business leader
10+ years of leading geographically distributed and hybrid teams

Erica Roberts

Government Client Lead,
Certified Instructor

Years on the Inside:

15+ years of federal government service
10 years of leading hybrid and remote teams within the government
15 years of providing training and coaching virtually

Tory Fitzgerald

Project Manager

Years on the Inside:

12+ years of project management for hybrid and remote teams
3+ years working fully remotely


Succeeding in today’s virtual world of work takes a unique skill set and deliberate intentions. Have the right team show you how.

“It’s so helpful to work with someone who has the experience of working in a client organization, and who has also worked within agencies like ours.”

Carolyn Parodi
Managing Director

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Sacha Connor: Our Founder’s Story

18 years
leading business

13 years
fully remote while leading hybrid and remote teams

We’ve been on the inside, client and agency-side.

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Portrait of Sacha Connor with her family at sunset

Career and Life: The Path to Virtual

I’m actually a marketer by trade. I’m also a wife and mom of two school-aged kids. After growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and graduating from Lehigh University with a degree in marketing I started my career in advertising account management. First at a small agency, Backe Communications followed by 3 years at Goodby Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco. Client side was my next calling, moving me across the Bay to the Clorox Company in Oakland. And over the next 14 years I helped build brands worth multiple millions of dollars through leadership positions in Marketing, Sales and New Product Innovation, including Hidden Valley ranch dressing, Brita water filtration, Kingsford charcoal, and finally Pine-Sol and Liquid Plumr.

It was all essential in learning to dissect and influence consumer behavior, while understanding the importance of crafting great stories and leading and coaching people across so many backgrounds.

The big move came after the birth of our first child, when my husband and I decided that we needed to go back to Philadelphia so our children could grow up near their families. It was the hardest career decision I’ve ever had to make, because I loved my job and the success and mentorship I’d found in the Bay area. Which is why I’ll never stop feeling grateful that my senior leadership said YES to my proposal to stay in my role from 3,000 miles and three time zones away. After all this was 2010. The iPhone was relatively new, FaceTime, Slack and Zoom were either infant or non-existent—and I was responsible for millions of dollars in business. So I didn’t skip a beat. I set out to make the senior leaders feel as if I were right there, and that the business and culture were cared for as if I was. Not only did I succeed, I showed them that what I learned how to do was applicable to the 95% of the company since it had become so geographically distributed over time.

My, very personal, story is the reason why Clorox’s virtual work program ORBIT, the 750 and growing member Employee Resource Group spanning 21 countries, exists. It created and improved virtual collaboration company-wide, influenced tech and HR strategies, became a learning lab for IT, made HR training remotely available, and established techniques to combat distance bias.

So whether your story is personal, or simply, your company too has a need for change—I’m here to show you why and how virtual work 100% matters now and always.

Portrait of Sacha Connor with her family at sunset


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