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Client Testimonials

Helped us Become a Hybrid Role Model

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“Our team absolutely enjoyed working with Virtual Work Insider. Sacha and her team helped us to understand how our global and cross-functional team can work better together in the post-pandemic, hybrid world with all its challenges. The preparation for the sessions, the sessions itself and the documents we received afterwards were extremely helpful and we look forward to continue to improve our hybrid ways of working and become a role model for the full company.”

Alexej Garcia Rodriguez
Vice President, Go-To-Market & Commercial Optimization

Valuable Program for 3,400 Team Members

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Virtual Work Insider has been a valuable partner to Toyota Financial Services as we transition 3,400 team members to hybrid work – providing us with thought leadership, analytics, and engaging and impactful live training sessions.  They took a systematic approach by leading a thorough assessment of employee hybrid work mindsets, behaviors, and skills before, during, and after the training program. 

Virtual Work Insider developed highly customized virtual instructor-led workshops that focused on three different skill areas.  The three workshops were delivered live via video conferencing to 800 People Leaders that were divided into cohorts of 200 learners.  In the live sessions Virtual Work Insider was able to demystify hybrid leadership concepts through telling stories of real-life situations and providing tools that have very practical application at Toyota.  Our employees are using the skills and tools they were taught – this is impressive because it’s hard to get this level of behavior change. 

Also, Virtual Work Insider excels at project management and client service – this was a very complex project and they delivered on every deadline, pushed our thinking, and kept us organized.”

Howard Forrest
Group Manager Enterprise Transformation
Mariana Zayas
Change Management Consultant

Comprehensive Hybrid Team Leadership Skills Program

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“We hired Virtual Work Insider to deliver a training workshop series to the leadership team that is responsible for the Optum Southern California Patient Service Center call center. The comprehensive hybrid team leadership skills program was delivered over the course of several months and empowered our people leaders with the skills to create their hybrid team working norms, build their hybrid team culture, and work effectively with their remote and hybrid direct reports.

The beauty of the program is that the techniques and tools that Virtual Work Insider teaches aren’t too complex – they are easy to implement, and they make an impact. The sessions were highly customized to Optum and kept the team engaged. Between sessions, the Virtual Work Insider team provided us with additional thought leadership and advice to ensure we were taking action on our commitments.”

Susan Graham
Vice President, Patient Support and Contact Center

Helpful Tactics I Put Right to Use

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“Virtual Work Insider led a series of virtual leadership workshops at Vanguard. I partnered with them on the virtual stage for the “The Art of Virtual Reporting Relationships” session so that they could draw stories from my experiences to keep the large audience engaged (almost 500 people!) and to make the content relevant to Vanguard. The session pre-work got me thinking deeply about how I communicate with my direct reports in this remote environment. There were many helpful tactics that I was able to put right to use with my teams. One example is agreeing on communication norms with each direct report and revisiting those norms over time to ensure we remain aligned.”

Jana Ulrich
Department Head, US Intermediary Technology

Incredible Resource and Partner in our Transition to Hybrid Work

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“Virtual Work Insider has been an incredible resource and partner for Eventbrite in our transition to hybrid work. Sacha Connor facilitated a discussion with our Executives & Site Leaders that laid the foundation for our future of work experiments to help the organization make bold moves to support more async collaboration and global effectiveness. Virtual Work Insider also developed a custom hybrid leadership workshop and Sacha Connor and Christa Hurchalla delivered the training to more than 85% of our leaders to support them as our offices began to reopen. We’d definitely recommend working with Virtual Work Insider for any hybrid or remote training needs.”

Adrienne Brabant
Senior Manager,
Global Talent & Org Development
Tanja Nitschke

VP, Global Talent & Org Development


Insightful Sharing of Expertise & Best Practices

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“As our rapidly expanding CeraVe brand moved into hybrid work, I enlisted Virtual Work Insider to help support the leadership team. I was impressed with how the insights gathered through the quant and qual assessment were woven into the content for the workshops.  I also appreciated the insightful sharing of expertise and best practices as they relate to hybrid work, as well as the management of expectations in the virtual team setting.  The role modeling of how to conduct successful virtual meetings was inspiring and helpful.”

John Reed
General Manager, CeraVe US & Global

Strong Results Training 300 Sales Team Members

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“I recently completed my 3rd and largest engagement with Sacha Connor and the Virtual Work Insider team. Sacha addressed over 300 sales professionals at the Allstate Health and Benefits National Sales Conference. Her message around selling virtually was appreciated and received well by our entire field sales teams as evidenced by strong survey results following the conference. The magic that Sacha delivers is in the personalization of her message to our organization. She took the time to learn our language, get to know our people, and the understand the specific challenges they face. Our teams walked away with an action plan that they felt were personalized for them. One attendee commented, “she really gets us and our business.” This didn’t happen by accident… Sacha put in the time and delivered.”

Paul Gardner
Executive Vice President Sales & Distribution

Perfect Partner to Impact our Hybrid Workforce Strategy

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“Virtual Work Insider facilitated a session with our top 50 leaders to cover the critical concepts and tactics to consider when creating an engaging and effective hybrid work environment. The session gave our leaders insights and ideas to help them launch into deeper break-out group discussions about what we need to do to support our team members in the transition and beyond. Virtual Work Insider was the perfect partner and the ideas generated from the session will directly impact our hybrid workforce strategy development.”

Eloa Silva
DEI, Culture & Development Leader

Eye-Opening and Actionable Info

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“Virtual Work Insider’s Influencing Across Distance Workshop is an engaging and cultivating experience that provides a strong foundation for remote leaders throughout various industries.  This workshop not only offers additional methodologies for influencing, communicating and relationship building within your organization, the delivery of the training is organic and well received.  Time well spent!”

Melissa Dempsey
EVP of Strategy

Unlocked Collaboration, Culture, and Efficiency

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“Partnering with Virtual Work Insider unlocked collaboration, culture, and efficiency improvements across our global organization. Their approachable style, adapting to our culture, and daily demonstration of the principles they teach made it extremely effective. I would recommend Virtual Work Insider to anyone and everyone looking to increase their virtual leadership skills and capabilities, at any level in an organization.”

Eric Schuetzler
Vice President, Global R&D

Exceptional at
Connecting Virtually

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“Sacha is a dynamic facilitator and an expert in the field of remote work. We turned to her in a crisis and she successfully led a task force of executives through the virtual decision-making process to provide employees consistent direction during an unexpected remote work situation. Her insight and ability to connect with her audience virtually was exceptional.”

Mardi Kaplan & Karol Blankenship
Learning & Development Leaders

Every Leader Can Benefit

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“Cisco has always had a strong, positive culture. It’s critical that while we are working fully remotely that we continue to build and strengthen that culture.  Virtual Work Insider partnered with us to teach our sales teams the importance of setting the foundations of team culture and actively reinforcing it to ensure engagement, especially as new hires enter the company fully remotely and people rotate to new roles.  By the end of the workshop, all participants had created their own culture-building plan to put into action immediately. Every leader in our organization, and beyond, can benefit from Virtual Work Insider’s virtual leadership skills workshops.”

Sharon Martin
Senior Systems Engineering Manager

Helped Our Managers Become More Effective Virtual Leaders

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“Virtual Work Insider led a training for PAN Communications on being an effective virtual leader in a hybrid work environment. They gave us actionable ideas and structures to ensure a location inclusive workplace and help us define our new communication norms. The training helped our managers become more effective virtual leaders and be more intentional about their internal and client meetings. We’d recommend Virtual Work Insider to any agency that is looking to create a successful and engaging hybrid work environment!”

Kate Connors
Vice President

Practical, and Tailored, Suggestions for Today’s Hybrid World

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“Udemy prides itself on our culture of Always Learning. One way we bring this to life is through external speakers who are timely and relevant to our work at hand. Virtual Work Insider delivered a presentation and fireside chat filled with practical suggestions relevant to our experience in the hybrid world now. But what made this even more powerful is that the Virtual Work Insider team took the time to really customize what was shared to the norms, tools, and verbiage we already had in place. The result was a session that felt tailored and unique to us.”

Joshua Ehrenreich
Learning Program Manager
Sarah Shoff
Director, Americas Enterprise Customer Success

Insights for More Effective Virtual Collaboration & Influence

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“Virtual Work Insider provided valuable, practical, content about how to build a network within a hybrid work environment to 475 leaders within FINRA’s Member Supervision business unit.  The feedback from the group was incredibly positive about how the workshop output of the Personal Virtual Influence Plan created new insights and actions to enable more effective collaboration and influence in our very geographically distributed organization. Virtual Work Insider customized the content to be highly relevant to the audience and delivered a very engaging, actionable workshop.” 

Bill Bell
Vice President, Business Enablement, Engagement & Training
Ellen Stonaker
Associate Director, Business Engagement

Impactful Tools that Stimulated Action

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“Virtual Work Insider held a webinar with 1,000 Gilead employees to help during the COVID-19 remote work transition. There’s so much info out there, it’s easy to drown in info overload, but they did a beautiful job cutting out the noise and curating the tips down to a few, pragmatic, impactful tools that actually stimulated action. As a Learning & Development leader, I know it’s hard for training to change behavior, but they cut through that inertia. People are already using the tools and frameworks.”

Karen Adamson
PMO Director

Extreme Value for our Team of Leaders

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“Our time with Virtual Work Insider provided extreme value to our team of leaders. They worked closely with our team to understand our culture and identify areas where we needed support on our team to increase our effectiveness as virtual leaders. The delivery of the Virtual Leadership sessions had a strong impact on our team, and as a result, many of the recommendations have been put into place by our leaders, helping us overcome the challenges of our hybrid work environment.”

Mandy Mcnamar 
Engineering Senior Manager

Invaluable Best Practices for Team Effectiveness

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“When we started a $6B+ integration effort, COVID-19 was on the horizon and we knew one large risk to mitigate was moving 3000 employees and 100 transition team members to a work from home environment. Virtual Work Insider helped our teams manage through this and also gifted the transition team with invaluable best practices to deploy to ensure their teams’ effectiveness. The approach was fully customized to our specific scenario and remain effective and utilized to this day.”

Paul Gardner
Vice President

Best Practices for Driving Inclusion in a Hybrid Environment

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“Virtual Work Insider presented at a global Town Hall with 1,700 attendees in preparation for our “return to office” after 2 years of remote work due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  The goal of the session was to help our teammates understand best practices and methods for driving inclusion in our new hybrid working environment.  The session was interactive and engaging and provided our teammates with tactics and tools that they could immediately implement. The session feedback was extremely positive from both leaders and individual contributors.  I would not hesitate to recommend Virtual Work Insider to organizations looking to be more effective in a remote or hybrid environment.”  

Jessica Rice
Global Head of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Helped Us to be More Effective in Meeting our Business Objectives Virtually

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“Due to a workplace transformation project, our regional sales office closed permanently and my regional sales teams and I became fully remote. We had to not just learn how to work with each other remotely, but also how to sell to Dealers remotely because of the COVID shut-downs. To support us Virtual Work Insider provided an extensive virtual leadership skills training series. The skills workshops taught us how to create plans for influencing our internal stakeholders and Dealers across distance, and how to leverage tech tools and specific culture-building activities to stay connected and engaged with each other. The training helped us to be more effective in our jobs so we could meet our business objectives while working virtually.”

Frank Churchill
General Manager, Field Sales

Engaging Insights to Sharpen Virtual Working Skills

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“Since our sales teams have historically worked face to face with clients (financial advisors) we recognized the need to develop better virtual working skills. Virtual Work Insider delivered two sessions for our sales team—Influencing from a Distance and Leading Effective Virtual Presentations and Remote Meetings. Our team greatly benefited from both and by sharing personal experiences of being a pioneer working remotely, Sacha was able to show how to create better connections virtually as well as how to avoid common pitfalls that could derail remote meetings and presentations. She kept our team engaged throughout and helped sharpen our virtual working skills. I would highly recommend hiring Virtual Work Insider.”

Joe Eleccion
Divisional Vice President

Connected to our Business, Core Values, and Purpose

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“Employees found Virtual Work Insider’s webinars insightful, easy to understand and felt she connected to our business, values and core purpose. Sacha is a clear, energizing and open presenter, with lots of ideas to help drive a growth mindset. We saw immediate value from implementing some actionable practices around remote working, actions which are sustainable, practical and engaging.”

Sarah Doherty
HR Manager

Great Tips, Tricks, and Hacks to Drive the Business Forward

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“We brought Virtual Work Insider to our national sales meeting to meet with our 200+ salespeople that are located all across the country. They were able to show us how we could get better connected – internally and externally with customers and wholesalers. They gave us great tips, tricks, and hacks so that we can feel more connected as an ecosystem and drive the business forward.”

Josh Halpern
Chief Sales Officer

Powerful Toolkit to Influence Across Distance

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“We engaged with Virtual Work Insider to teach virtual leadership and remote work skills to over 60 of our most senior leaders, from the US, Canada, and Europe, to build their skills as they continue to lead their virtual teams. VWI shared a powerful toolkit of techniques for our leaders to use and to teach back to their teams on how to influence across distance in both working remotely from their internal teams and with external customers. The training was extremely valuable and we are incorporating these skills into the way we work as we drive our business forward.”

John Carroll
Vice President, Human Resources

Tips for How to Become Visible and Connected While Virtual

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“I enlisted Virtual Work Insider to speak to our Women’s forum about how to navigate a hybrid work environment. This topic is especially important since I support a Global team and a large part of my team started at Facebook [Meta] while fully remote.  Sacha provided valuable advice about how to mitigate distance and recency bias.  She also gave us practical tips for how to become more visible and connected while virtual, so that my team can influence business decisions and continue to grow their careers from wherever they work.  The advice Sacha provided is relevant now and will continue to be relevant as we transition to hybrid.  I highly recommend Sacha to any team navigating a hybrid workforce.”

Christa Wittenberg
Director, Meta [Facebook] Reality Labs
Meta logo

Informed, Inspired, and  Highly Engaging

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“Virtual Work Insider has proven to be an invaluable partner as we have faced the ‘organizational whitewater’ of the new way of working, virtually and hybrid. Between focused discussions with IT stakeholders to leadership training, VWI’s work was informed, inspired, highly engaging, and ultimately successful in meeting our organizational values and giving leaders real actionable strategies and tactics to succeed in this new paradigm.”

David Ranallo
Director, Culture, Communications, Marketing and Member Services
Great River Energy logo

Skillfully Kept Engagement Very High

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“We engaged with Virtual Work Insider to present at our annual Managing Directors Leadership Conference.  The content was very well received to kickstart our thinking about how to make hybrid and remote work a competitive advantage.  Virtual Work Insider was able to skillfully keep the engagement with the large, virtual, audience very high and their attention to detail while preparing for the session was deeply appreciated.”

Sarah Vincent
Vice President of Operations
SVN logo

Great Tools to Help Adapt to Remote Work

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“Our company of over 300 people were new to remote work. To assist us in our transition to remote work, Virtual Work Insider delivered to our team members several thought-provoking webinars that helped our team members create individualized plans for how to better influence across distance and gave us tips for how to lead more effective and engaging remote presentations. These skills are critical now, and will continue to be important into the future. The feedback on the sessions were very positive and provided a great tool to assist our team members adapt to this new environment.”

Karen Chan
Director of Human Resources

Truly an Expert in Virtual Work

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“Virtual Work Insider is truly an expert in the area of virtual work and did an excellent job educating and engaging with our organization. Their background and knowledge in the areas of both leading and working in virtual teams is something every company needs to build as a core competency. Our organization has shared information on distance bias and having Virtual Work Insider provide further examples and context was greatly appreciated by the group.”

Alex Schuchman
Director Information Security

Actionable Items for Influencing Virtually and Making Virtual Connections

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“Virtual Work Insider’s programming was extremely valuable and provided actionable items for influencing virtually and making virtual connections. The training sessions gave us better methods to adapt and connect as we navigate the new normal of working as a fully remote organization.”

Lindsey Barnett
Associate Principal Examiner

Timely and Important Tools Seasoned with Insight

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“Virtual Work Insider’s timely and important tools, matched with seasoned insight, made them the experts we were proud to employ to learn about how to influence across distance. Rave reviews from our 100+ attendees who walked away with a personalized action plan.”

Cindy Horn Kennedy
Programming Chair

Engaging Presentations with Pages of Insights

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“Virtual Work Insider provided several engaging presentations for the Women In Pensions Network. I learned so much from the Influencing Across Distance webinar. I took pages and pages of notes.”

Jennifer Powers
Intermediary Business Development

Thoughtful, Thorough Tips

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“Virtual Work Insider trained our group during the global COVID-19 pandemic…talk about remote workforce! The training was thoughtful and thorough, and our staff walked away with some great tips and thoughts for consideration of remote workers in the future. We’d highly recommend Virtual Work Insider!”

Alexandra Mackey 
Vice President, Human Resources

Hosted Successful Sessions with a Large Number of Learners

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“Virtual Work Insider provided great practical ideas and examples that we can start implementing today and that will make a positive difference. The sessions were well facilitated – Christa Hurchalla kept everyone engaged and contributing. It was an effective use of time. The Virtual Work Insider team was easy to work with and well organized in helping us host successful sessions with a large number of learners in each session.”

Senior Manager, Global Talent Development
Fortune 1000 Medical Products and Equipment Company

Custom Approach Connected to our Core Values

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“Sacha and her team created training sessions that brought our remote team together to learn about how to build meaningful manager and team member connections. Their custom approach really aligned with our values and helped us set a strong foundation for building our virtual team culture.”

Emily Borders
Principal, Highwire Public Relations

Actionable Inputs for our Strategic Plan

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 “We invited Virtual Work Insider to speak to our top 70 global HR leaders about the key concepts to consider as we move to a hybrid workforce strategy. The insightful and engaging content provided inspiration for our leaders.  The HR leaders were able to take the ideas and information shared and translate it into actionable inputs for our fiscal year strategic plan.”

Cathy Cooke
SVP, Human Resources, BD
Claudia Curtis
Chief Employment Counsel, BD

Actionable Insights to Make Hybrid and Remote Work More Successful

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“Hybrid work is going to be a fact of life and that’s causing business leaders to wring their hands.  Virtual Work Insider has deep expertise on hybrid workforces, ranging from the larger issues of culture-building to the more granular policies, procedures and tools that create equity and engagement for remote talent.  Our audience of CEOs left the Virtual Work Insider session with actionable insights to make hybrid and remote work more successful for their employees and their companies.”

Kim Sample
President, PR Council

Their Approach Centers on Inclusion

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“As a pioneers of remote and hybrid work, Virtual Work Insider understands what it might be like for those of us exploring remote work for the first time. They share experience, wisdom, and strategies for success in ways that are easy to digest. Their approach to remote work leads with empathy and centers inclusion and belonging. We invited Virtual Work Insider to speak at our City of Seattle Women’s Week. People are still talking about the presentation.”

Holly Krejci
Talent Management Partner, Seattle Department of Transportation

Really Understood Our Needs

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“Virtual Work Insider was a joy to work with. Ultra-organized and great at following up and keeping us on track with planning our professional development week. They also asked all of the right questions to personalize training for our faculty and staff. Christa Hurchalla has an easygoing presenting style that keeps people engaged and feels more like a conversation than training. She interspersed references personal to our schools that made it seem like she was one of us and really understood our needs.  I would not hesitate to recommend Virtual Work Insider.”

Deb Conly
 Assistant Dean for Faculty and Staff Affairs, Temple Fox School of Business/School of Sport, Tourism & Hospitality

Positive Investment for Long-Term Success

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“The perspective and tools provided by Virtual Work Insider remind us where to focus our priorities as we begin our permanent journey as a hybrid organization.  Their perspective exceeds pandemic work experience, focusing on the teamwork, connections and expectation-setting needed for long-term success.  Virtual Work Insider offers an approachable perspective that targets what we can do as individuals and a team.  Overall, a positive investment for our team.”

Stephanie Heusuk

Actionable Content for Remote Internships

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“We asked Virtual Work Insider to speak to our class of MBAs to help prepare them for their remote internships.  Sacha spoke from experience and provided concise and actionable content to enable them to get off to a solid start with their new employers, even from a distance.”

Naomi Sanchez
Assistant Dean

Engaging and Cultivating Experience

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“Virtual Work Insider’s Influencing Across Distance Workshop is an engaging and cultivating experience that provides a strong foundation for remote leaders throughout various industries.  This workshop not only offers additional methodologies for influencing, communicating and relationship building within your organization, the delivery of the training is organic and well received.  Time well spent!”

Matt Hagen
 Sales Supervisor, Fortune 500 Company


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